Tuesday, May 10, 2011

So then there was that....

I forgot to take my Chantix this evening.. i think thats why my cravings were so bad...

Bruno, did you know that Samoa moved the international date line from thier west coat to thier east coast recently?

Malkavian... who is hotter, Megan Fox or Sienna Miller?

VenomForMasses ... do you think the sudden rush of super hero movies is over saturating the market or are you as giddy as a school girl (like me) that we finaly have something worth my $$$ in the ciniplex?

Astronomy ... Rudy... Great football movie or BEST football movie?

Colin... thoes are the Ladycats.. the dance team for the NBA team Charlotte Bobcats, you should watch the video they submited to become the number one fan voted dance team in the NBA this year... Ill link it for you here ;)

ed... For you


  1. yupp thanks. hang in there

  2. Haha, I kind of like Remember the Titans and Invincible, but Rudy is good too.

  3. That's what I call perfection ^_^

  4. I quit smoking three months ago, im having trouble with the booze with smoking thing though hahaha,

  5. wooo detroit makes it to game 7

  6. nice pic, couldn't focus on reading ^^

  7. Perfection is right. I can't find nothing wrong there.

  8. Wow a very nice babe! :D
    I have nominated an award to you! (not the sunshine award) Because you are my 300st follower :D
    Have a great day, and remember to $upport! :D
    (as I see your blog is not very large yet)

  9. I see you are still at 20 in your oh-shit pack, good job! The girl surely looks perfect!

  10. Odd the thing with samoa. Would, if it was your birthday, get one extra or loose your birthday??

  11. everyone likes perfection.as well as with my..lol:p

  12. Good luck with the smoking thing.

  13. Good luck and all of my support on the quiting.
    Almost everyone in my family smokes cigarettes and I see that as a very big problem, but luckily my mom just started her patch to quit about a month or two ago.
    I am here for you. Don't give in.


Don't screw with a guy that is in the middle of quitting smoking.