Thursday, June 23, 2011

My boss dared to yell at me ...

Recently I have felt kind of bad for screwing with my boss so I have been going a little above and beyond at work; Getting some extra projects done and taking the lead on the prep for our annual meeting that starts on Sunday. It is great because it is close enough that I can drive, but far enough that I get a hotel room. Open bar every night and 3 catered meals a day. Sure I am busy the whole time but still in general it is a good time.
Not quite THIS good of a time  ;)
Well today as I was packing up the projector and screen to transport to the conference center, my boss gave me grief in a raised voice in front of several other employees about how I was packing up the equipment. While I know for a fact he was just venting towards me for something someone else did to piss him off, after all the work I put into our big meeting next week I was not about to take that from someone that should have been heaping praise on me for my extra work lately.
So I Just finished putting together some programs on a thumb drive, and on Sunday when I am in the office (more extra work) packing up everything I am hauling over to the meeting I will pop into his office, run 1 program to disable all of his spyware protection and 1 program that will infect his computer with a spyware downloader  
Then I will go away for the rest of the week, unable to get back to the office until NEXT Monday… bastard. 

The best reasons to learn spanish

What pisses you off?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A good day all around.

I broke in my new grill tonight with BBQ chicken and hot dogs. Throw in some potatoes and a ‘suddenly salad’ and I was off to the races with happiness. The grill worked well, I like the new grates over my old ones and the thermometer on the outside of the lid let me know when it got up to temperature. Now I have to plan on smoking my pork butt this weekend…
So many jokes about pulling my pork...
So let me tell you about the BBQ I went to on Father’s day... my good friends sister was there and she had on what I would call a completely inappropriate dress for the event.  It was basically a shirt, only longer, and every time she sat down or bent over she had to be careful to keep it down. But there were kids there running around and she played with them some.  It went up high enough on several occasions that I knew she either had on a high thong or nothing at all under it. In my head there was nothing under it  ;)

Not the same girl but I think thats the same dress from old navy... 
What is your favorite MEAT dish?
Vegans need not answer!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Am not dead yet…

But my air conditioner is…. More on that in a minute.

I had a great birthday on Saturday, I took my family to a baseball game. It was the first one my boys had ever been to.  We ate hot dogs and cracker jacks, I purchased them some foam fingers, and they had fireworks after the game… it was spectacular.
I love fireworks  ;)
We went to a good friends house for a father’s day cookout. Smoked chicken, ribs, wings, a huge spread for food. It is nice having a core group of long term friends that you can just hang out with, and have no worries about some of the petty stuff that comes along with more casual friends…
I wish!

So we get home from the party last night and the house is 79 degrees, not good since the thermo stat is set to 74… I call my neighbor over, he rips apart my unit and does some tests... an hour and a half later he says my compressor is going out. So I am home today going to purchase a new AC Unit… YAY! 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I might die tonight….

So tonight I am going for a run... I have picked out a nice route that starts with a 5 minute walk to get up a nasty hill near me and then a 2 mile circuit back to my house…  It could be fun! Or I could have a massive coronary.
I will (hopefully) update you on my status tomorrow, until then I present you with a few of my favorite things… 

1) Pour 1.5 Oz over a little ice and shake to chill. Serve strained in a rocks glass
the original and still the best

2) From the Dominican Republic
At least thats what my wrappers say  ;)
3) New York style is the only style.
I could die in a cheesecake factory. 

How about you? Favorite liquor, smoke or food?