Thursday, June 23, 2011

My boss dared to yell at me ...

Recently I have felt kind of bad for screwing with my boss so I have been going a little above and beyond at work; Getting some extra projects done and taking the lead on the prep for our annual meeting that starts on Sunday. It is great because it is close enough that I can drive, but far enough that I get a hotel room. Open bar every night and 3 catered meals a day. Sure I am busy the whole time but still in general it is a good time.
Not quite THIS good of a time  ;)
Well today as I was packing up the projector and screen to transport to the conference center, my boss gave me grief in a raised voice in front of several other employees about how I was packing up the equipment. While I know for a fact he was just venting towards me for something someone else did to piss him off, after all the work I put into our big meeting next week I was not about to take that from someone that should have been heaping praise on me for my extra work lately.
So I Just finished putting together some programs on a thumb drive, and on Sunday when I am in the office (more extra work) packing up everything I am hauling over to the meeting I will pop into his office, run 1 program to disable all of his spyware protection and 1 program that will infect his computer with a spyware downloader  
Then I will go away for the rest of the week, unable to get back to the office until NEXT Monday… bastard. 

The best reasons to learn spanish

What pisses you off?


  1. Ha - It's like we are thinking the same today.
    You rock. DO IT DO IT DO IT

    Oh and on another note, I love visiting your blog to get my little fix of soft porn for the day.
    ***touches self*** ;-)

  2. Wow, that's a pretty big way to get back at him, hopefully he doesn't find out. Should be hilarious though.

  3. your truce was short-lived then.

  4. he deserves that and a lot more. In more happy news I can teach you spanish hehe

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  6. Yeah, that's kind of a dick move of your boss. And even if you were packing it up all wrong, he could've just kept it at a small mention "ur doing it wrong"

  7. I know a few other places I would put those thumb drives. haha. some people who dont like thumbs... drives in places they shouldnt be!


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