Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Let me explain my current state of happiness.

This is "Running naked through the streets" Happy...
(Dont get excited Jessica I am a middle aged guy on the other side of the planet!)
My twin sons started their first week of summer vacation yesterday. My wife is a teacher so she is home with them all summer. Next fall they will start kindergarten. So this will be the first year I don’t have a day care payment!! What, that is not impressive to you? Lets do some math....
I took and passed calc-3 in college and today couldn't even remember the basics... 
Daycares in my area run $150 – $225 per week, Not bad for a facility that watches your child for 6 – 10 hours a day, feeds them a meal and two snacks, and builds the educational and social foundation that will set the tone for there entire life. We picked a nice middle of the road priced facility that had higher educational standards. So I was paying $190 per week, per kid. That’s $380 a week… $1520 a month… with eight weeks off a year that’s $16,720 PER YEAR that I have been paying for the last 4 years and now I don’t have to anymore!
Ya its sort of like this

So with my extra money I purchased my first gift to my self last night: 
Primary cooking area 554 square inches
Secondary cooking area 140 square inches
Total cooking area 694 square inches
5 Stainless steel tube burners
10,000 BTUs each/50,000 BTUs total
12,000 BTUs stainless steel side burner
10,000 BTUs rotisserie burner
Porcelain-coated cast iron cooking grates
Porcelain-coated wire warming rack
Includes smoker inside left door
7,500 BTUs stainless steel smoker burner
Adjustable, chrome-plated cooking grates
Electronic ignition
One of the sexiest things I have ever posted on here.... 
What are YOUR plans for the 4th of July?

(Yes I know that is a very ethnocentric question but 90% of my audience is from the US so it is fair, but a big shout out to who ever it is from Brazil that keeps popping by!)


  1. You're a crazy American and you know it! But that is a nice grill. :p Plans for the 4th of July? Hmm no clue. Probably beer.

  2. She's very pretty but not as pretty as some babes.

  3. We don't really celebrate 4th of July here. Besides, I'll be working then. Working during summer vacation, yeah. But the money I earn then gets me though the year!

  4. HOLY HELL that's a lot of money..... WOW

    Hey, just think how many games you can buy now with all that extra cash.

  5. NICE!! And congratulations too! That is a major milestone! Enjoy your 4th barbecue!!

  6. What do you have to spend on school in your district, though?

  7. Happy daycare-less moment!

    Sexy photo indeed. My plans for the 4th? Getting a call that we are actually leaving The Eden of Corn Fields and Meth Labsville...OK thats more of a dream but who's counting?

  8. I know a girl from work where her getting laid off actually saved them money because she could stay home and watch the kids.

  9. That is one sexy looking grill! Haha. And twin 5 year old boys, no wonder you smoked. Ya'll have a great start to the summer :)

  10. Xeno, School is free here... ill have a 75$ a week after school care bill each... But that's nothing ; )

  11. whoa! thats one fat ass cool stove O_O

  12. That is awesome! you could cook a buffalo in there

  13. my plans for 4th of july involve 'legal' fireworks

  14. Heck, I was always thrilled to not have to buy diapers! You are saving TONS more than diapers! It's like getting a huge increase in salary.

  15. Holy shit, im jealous. Enjoy your bbq you deserve it

  16. WOW! That is a heckalotta money!

  17. god, raising kids is way more expensive than i though. $16k a year only on daycare? damn...
    it must be a relief not having to pay for that anymore! hahaha and that is one sexy grill indeed.

    well, i have no plans for the 4th of July cause i'm the brazil bro that keeps popping by. haha

  18. Somewhere Tim Allen can be heard grunting...nice post!

  19. It seems you're really happy haha

  20. oh nice, ive got the same one

  21. enjoy your grill, it seems very cool

  22. plans for 4th of July? uhmmmm nothing lol

    that's a pretty sweet grill though XD

  23. holy crap, who needs a wife when you have one of these bad boys

  24. my plans are to sleep!

    good to see you back m8

  25. I wish i would be happy like that :)

  26. JULY 4th!!

    Do you think I'll be able to convince my parents that I should totally celebrate this holiday, even though I'm neither American nor into fireworks and over eating? mmm. Probably not. ):

    So...no plans. Have fun doing whatever you're doing though. Have some condoms handy. AND YOU HAVE TWINS?! HOW ADORABLE!!!

    And that day care thing must be one hell of a fancy schmancy establishment. I mean...the amount of money you COULD have spent on strippers and tequila.

    ...You know what? I think I'll use birth control for the rest of my life. lol.

  27. Typical american thing to buy! :) Haha I like it. Looks good.


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