Friday, May 13, 2011

Hey, your all back!

So ya, that kinda sucked.  I missed some of you! And I lost 2 realy good posts  ;(*

A big 'ole Blogger fail.
Soooo i think i am suffering some minor withdrawl symptoms ...

  • Feelings of being an infant: temper tantrums, intense needs, feelings of dependency, a state of near paralysis.
  • Insomnia
  • Mental confusion
  • Vagueness
  • Irritability
  • Anxiety
  • Depression is common in the short and long term.
Not all of them i guess, and i would chalk the bottom 3 up to the first one! I dont think i slept a solid 2 hours last night. I just couldent stop waking up.

But besides that,
Going into the weekend smoke free for the first time in many years is not something i have been looking forward to. I think the trick is going to be to get to drunk to drive to the store and get smokes! Good idea or GREAT idea?
Good times  ;)

And i will let you know how the Girl with the dragon tatoo was when i finish it...

I meant the BOOK!

That is all I got on the spur of the moment so have fun this weekend everyone!

 - BigMike


  1. Alcohol! A perfect substitute! Which reminds me that I need beer...

  2. Haha too drunk to drive, that is a smart idea!

    Anyway, good luck to you for the weekend!

  3. i don't see anything that could go wrong there

  4. Try to resist the urge to go get a pack of smokes ;) We're all rooting for you.

  5. Sorry to hear about the posts going missing. I just read about someone else who lost three posts. Sad.

    As always, I wish you the best in your quest to quit smoking!

  6. Nice Dragon there... Damn bro your anxiety is killing you. You should try and mellow out a bit with Booze before you sleep like you said it does work

  7. Blogger back! awesome update ;D

  8. Be strong this weekend and have a good non smoking one.

  9. I quit earlier this year after having smoked a pack of rollies a day for more than two years. still coughing up some black tar whenever i exercise but feeling better than ever ;p
    i know your pain and wish you luck, it is definitely worth it!

  10. that tattoo is bit cartoonish, no? i'd want to get a really fearsome dragon if i got one at all.

  11. lol great stuff! stick through it though, dont go back to smoking!

  12. I've been having trouble with blogger too. Timed posts are going missing or going back to draft form after being posted x_X

  13. haha great blog! keep up with the non-smoking.


Don't screw with a guy that is in the middle of quitting smoking.