Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 15

Ok, the medicine and my plan are working, I think going smoke free at work during the day is going to be OK... but the evenings are getting harder to draw down on...  besides my random 2 drags yesterday after lunch I also smoked 5 in the evening while sitting in the garage watching TV... while that is less then it used to be it is more then I thought I would be to by now... oh-well I still got a week before I am supposed to be quit... 

Speaking of my medicine doing its part... I am starting to have trouble sleeping at night with these dreams waking me up. I am confident that the Chantix pills are the reason I have been able to cut so much of my smoking out, Down from about a pack and a half a day to half a pack a day in 2 weeks, is a big deal in and off its self. The dreams are still as vivid and for the most part still as adult oriented as they started out, but I have noticed more of them are pretty mundane dreams of random day to day stuff that just seamed so CLEAR.


  1. You're smoking less and less, that's a great sign.

  2. This is quite an interesting series of posts you have here - I'm a non-smoker myself but I'll be following your progress. ;)

  3. Good stuff! Keep it going you got this.

  4. Quitting smoking can't be to easy. I smoked for a good couple of years in college, but after awhile just got sick of it and stopped buying cigarettes all together.


Don't screw with a guy that is in the middle of quitting smoking.