Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 22

Well I made it.

As it stands my last smoke was Sunday night at about 10:25
It is now Tuesday Morning at 10:20... Between then and now?
20 minutes
    Your blood pressure, pulse rate, and the temperature of your hands and feet will all return to normal.
8 hours
    Remaining nicotine in your bloodstream will have fallen to 6.25% of normal peak daily levels, a 93.25% reduction.
12 hours
    Your blood oxygen level will have increased to normal and carbon monoxide levels will have dropped to normal.
24 hours
    Anxieties peak in intensity and within two weeks should return to near pre-cessation levels.

So 1 day down..... All of this to look forward to....

48 hours
    Damaged nerve endings have started to regrow and your sense of smell and taste are beginning to return to normal. Cessation anger and irritability peaks.
72 hours
    Your entire body will test 100% nicotine-free and over 90% of all nicotine metabolites (the chemicals it breaks down into) will now have passed from your body via your urine.  Symptoms of chemical withdrawal have peaked in intensity, including restlessness. The number of cue induced crave episodes experienced during any quitting day will peak for the "average" ex-user. Lung bronchial tubes leading to air sacs (alveoli) are beginning to relax in recovering smokers. Breathing is becoming easier and the lungs functional abilities are starting to increase.
5 - 8 days
    The "average" ex-smoker will encounter an "average" of three cue induced crave episodes per day. Although we may not be "average" and although serious cessation time distortion can make minutes feel like hours, it is unlikely that any single episode will last longer than 3 minutes. Keep a clock handy and time them.
10 days
     The "average ex-user is down to encountering less than two crave episodes per day, each less than 3 minutes.
10 days to 2 weeks
    Recovery has likely progressed to the point where your addiction is no longer doing the talking. Blood circulation in our gums and teeth are now similar to that of a non-user.

36 hours is pretty good.. if i keep busy I can make the next 36!

I deserve a gift...
That will do Lauren 


  1. Good job! Try to focus on other stuff and forget about smoking, will get you through the day! Good luck again!

  2. Indeed, keep it up. It's a tough addiction to beat (and I see all sorts as I treat addicts for a living), but it can be done. One day at a time.

  3. Indeed you do deserve a gift! Keep it up!
    You will start tasting and feeling the smell of things you haven't noticed since before you started smoking. My friend told me that this was one of the coolest things.

  4. Keep on going my friend. Best decision you will ever make in your life. Following.

  5. Keep it up!

    Now following your progress.

  6. i just need 2 days and i am out.. but atm can't do it! :<

  7. This is a great outlet for quitting! A perfect way to keep yourself accountable. I like that, and I respect that.

  8. Aside from the emotional instability that seems associated with it, it sounds awesome to be regaining some control over your body.

  9. I've been considering quitting, but in my line of work, a cigarette break is about the only thing stopping you from slaughtering your co-workers.

    I'll have to do it on my vacation, when I have time to cope with the withdrawals. I'm planning on getting my knee surgery that week as well, so it's as good a time as any I guess. I'll write about it and link to your page when the time comes.


Don't screw with a guy that is in the middle of quitting smoking.