Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 21 and a half

Well, the dreaded after lunch and 2:30 cravings came and went...
Not that bad actually...
I have to coach my kids t-ball practice after work today so that will get me until 7, and we eat right when we get home so that’s almost 8pm tonight before I get the after meal craving again…
I am going to try and do something different tonight then I usually do in the evenings... 
I don’t know what yet…

Have you ever read a comic space opera?
11 years worth of archives and his art work gets a lot better  ;)

and just because it makes me feel good:


  1. Haha those comics are awesome!

    Good luck for the rest of the day you can do it! :)

    Also, nice picture you got there!

  2. Hang in there im quiting too just chew some gum or drink thats what i do :)

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  4. Katy Perry seems like a good motivator to quit smoking.

  5. looks like you are doing a great job!

  6. Damn she is sexy. Keep those cigs down. Its easy. Just stay focused.


Don't screw with a guy that is in the middle of quitting smoking.