Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 8

The list:
10:30 AM when some fellow smokers walk by my office to take a smoke break
Noon when I am driving to lunch
1pm when I am driving back from lunch
2:30 -- I don't knows I just had a huge craving yesterday, lets see if I get it again today
4:30 when my day is coming to an end and I am just killing time till the office closes.
5 pm when I am driving home
After dinner... and I mean all night after dinner
I knew I did most of my smoking between 5pm and bed time but I didn't think I smoked quite this much!?

I drive my kids to school everyday so I bet that’s why I don’t have a morning craving for a smoke, and we do not smoke in the house so that must be why my car is such a trigger....

Now lets see if there are any easy ones to drop from the list.

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