Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 11

Ok, I spent the last few days trying to work out a different schedule. 

The smokers at 10:30 still walk past but I don't go out with them. I am going to bring food to the office and see if eating here will help for a while. Today I made it all the way until my after lunch craving with out a significant urge to smoke. I even skipped the 2:30 smoke, and I am working through the 4:30 urge while I type this  ;) 1 smoke during the work day will be a huge step forward... 

I have noticed that when I do smoke it isn’t as… “good”… the first drag is still awesome, but that might be because it is getting longer and longer between smokes, but the end of a smoke is easier to put down and not want another one right away… I even caught my self crushing out a smoke with several drags left on it… a big deal when you know your quitting and will have to go a while before you light another one.

I am going out to the Tilted Kilt tonight for a friends birthday… lets see how I do. 

Yes, it is as awesome as it looks... 

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  1. When I quit I gained so much wait because I ate to feed my smoking urge


Don't screw with a guy that is in the middle of quitting smoking.